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An Objectivist-Libertarian Defense of the Right to be Assigned Counsel

The Discovery of the planet Neptune

I Thessalonians

Essays Engaging the World:
Keeping Ambiguity (May 2014)
My Second Four Years (April 2014)
Answering Chuang Tsu (April 2014)
Four Essays on Easter (April 2014)
Humanizing the Gospels (April 2014)
Moon and Appalachian Trail (April 2014)
Jesus and Aeneas (April 2014)
Institutionalizing Jesus (March 2014)
Futility of Desire for Power (March 2014)
Henry VIII and Onan: Knowledge and Role of Sex (February 2014)
On the Death of my Father (February 2014)
Remember the Happenstance (February 2014)
Cello and Predicting the Future (February 2014)
Good Life (January 2014)
Recipes and Rules (October 2013)
Being Honest About Alcohol (September 2013)
White Rose (August 2013)
Biography to Rebirth (July 2013)
Telemachus and Age Differences (July 2013)
On My Muse (July 2013)
Being a Role Model (July 2013)
Wars and Diffusion of Responsibility (July 2013)
Have You Seen the Platypus? (July 2013)
Humble Materialism (July 2013)
Augustine's Pears and Chely's Drawer (July 2013)
Citizens or Subjects (June 2013)
Words, the OED, and Rekindling Passion (May 2013)
Smith, Marx, and Us (April 2013)
My Dancing Landscape (Feb 2013)
On Franz Gall (Feb 2013)
It Depends on the Translation (Jan 2013)
Lessons from a Winter Night (Jan 2013)
Calendars and Conceptual Clarity (Jan 2013)
Imminent Viability (Jan 2013)
Some Notes on Cyrus the Great (Dec 2012)

Older Essays on Religion
My Understanding of Faith
How I Became an Atheist
Noah's Lark

Old Relationship and Life Essays
My Life in Thirds
Prioritizing Preferences

Pessimism's Hunger
Out of Blue Comes Green

Random Essays
Etymology of the word "retina"

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