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Current Resume through 2014

Courses I've Taught at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (1999-present):

PY 101 Introduction to Psychology
PY 108 Human Sexuality
PY 214 Elementary Statistical Methods and Design
PY 220 Introduction to Forensic Psychology
PY 303 Introduction to Cognitive Science
PY 315 Methods in Psychological Research
PY 361 Psychology of Learning
PY 363 Cognitive Psychology
PY 372 Social Psychology
PY 370 Personality
PY 376 Psychology and Law
PY 380 Perception
PY 420 Psychological and Behavioral Sex Differences
PY 420 Evolutionary Psychology
PY 420 Psychology of Fine Art
PY 420 Psychology and Advertising

In addition to teaching a lot of classes, for the past several years I have been taking classes in person at UAB, and have been taking courses through the Teaching Company. Here's a list through mid-2014 of the courses I took.

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